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Ownuser Battery Grip for Nikon D90 D80 (Pro-N90 LvR)
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Ownuser Battery Grip for Nikon D90 D80 (Pro-N90 LvR)

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This battery grip takes up to 2 EN-EL3e batteries. With the external battery compartment that comes with the package, an extra of 8 AA batteries could be taken as well. It is ideal in situations where you want to take a large number of shots, or shoot in low temperatures.

This battery grip offers many extra functions apart from increasing the battery life of the D90/D80. Below are some of those:

Vertical grip
There are 2 shutter buttons, one at the bottom and, one on the side, for both horizontal and vertical shooting. It turns your Nikon D90 and D80 into a truly professional grade DSLR. The vertical shutter supports auto-focus and shutter in Bulb mode too.

Camera shutter and aperture control
A new innovative design allows you to control the camera shutter speed and aperture from both the battery grip itself and the provided shutter release cable. With a press of a dial, you can effortlessly adjust the shutter speed and aperture settings while holding the camera vertically.

Wired and wireless shutter control
An IR remote control MINI-IR 2B and a shutter release cable RM-Lv1 is included in the package for you. Both devices supports auto-focus, B mode and many more (listed in specifications). You can now control your camera shutter remotely as well as preventing camera shake when you press the shutter release cable.

Installation is simple.

  1. Make sure that the camera is OFF before installation.
  2. Remove the EN-EL3e batteries from the camera;
  3. Remove the battery compartment cover of the camera and store it in the battery grip;
  4. Insert EN-EL3e batteries and lock the compartment;
  5. Insert AA batteries into the external battery compartment;
  6. Connect the external battery compartment to the battery grip with the AC power cable provided.
At the bottom of the grip there is a tripod jack for fixing it with the D90/D80 on a tripod.

It comes with a detailed English instruction manual showing you how to install it on the D90/D80.

With this battery grip, long hour shooting is no longer a burden!


  • Third party battery grip / battery holder;
  • Brand: Ownuser;
  • Model number: Pro-N90 LvR;
  • Compatible Nikon camera models: D90, D80;
  • Takes 2 x Nikon EN-EL3e batteries or 8 x AA batteries (all batteries NOT included);
  • Package includes:
    • One battery grip Pro-N90 LvR which takes 2 EN-EL3e batteries;
    • One additional MEB-03 battery holder for 8x AA batteries;
    • One IR control MINI-IR 2B;
    • One shutter release cable RM-Lv1;
    • A detailed English manual;
  • Built-in IR remote functions for LIVE VIEW model supports;
    • 10 sec self-timer;
    • B Mode and continuous shooting;
    • Channel lock, focus & shoot;
    • Beeper sound when self-timer runs;
  • Shutter release cable RM-Lv1 supports;
    • Half press auto-focus;
    • Camera shutter speed and aperture control;
    • B Mode and continuous shooting;
  • One vertical shutter release button;
  • Tripod jack below the battery chamber for fixing it with the camera on a tripod;
  • Black in color;
  • Brand new, never used;
  • Made in Taiwan.

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