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Minolta MD/MC lens adapter for Sony Alpha A100 KM 7D 5D
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Minolta MD/MC lens adapter for Sony Alpha A100 KM 7D 5D

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With this lens adapter, you can mount all the Minolta MD/MC lenses (originally designed for film SLR cameras) on the Sony Alpha digital SLR cameras and Minolta AF SLR cameras, including Sony Alpha A100, Konica Minolta Maxxum/Dynax 7D, 5D and other AF film SLR camera that comes with the A-mount. The adapter mount adds a large number of compatible lens to the Alpha system.

When using the adapter mount, please take note of the following issues:
  1. Autofocus (AF) is not available;
  2. Stop-down metering is used. Spot metering mode does not work properly.
  3. Although it is possible to use the A (aperture-priority AE) mode in auto exposure, the aperture display is not available.
  4. In the P (Program AE), or S (Shutter speed-priority AE) mode, the shutter releases, but the auto exposure control does not work.
  5. The distance scale on the Minolta MD/MC lenses may not indicate the actual distance. Always use the viewfinder for focusing.
  6. Since the Sony Alpha and Konica Minolta DSLR cannot recognize the MD/MC lenses, please unlock the shutter after mounting the MD/MC lens on the Alpha system.

  • (Third-party) Minolta MD/MC lens adapter for Sony Alpha / Konica Minolta / Minolta AF system;
  • Brand new, never used
  • Mount Minolta MD/MC lenses onto Alpha SLR camera system;
  • Compatible SLR cameras:
    • Sony Alpha: A900, A850, A700, A580, A560, A550, A500, A450, A390, A380, A350, A330, A300, A290, A230, A200, A100, A99, A77, A65, A58, A57, A55, A37, A35, A33;
    • Konica Minolta Dynax: 7D, 5D;
    • Minolta Dynax: 9000, 8000i, 7000i, 7000, 5000i, 5000, 3000, 800si, 700si, 650si, 600si, 9, 7xi, 7, 5xi, 5, 3xi, 2xi, QTsi, GT;
  • Comes with front and rear caps;
  • Magnification ratio: 1:1;
  • Compatible Lenses: Minolta MD/MC lenses;
  • Dimensions: Ø60mm
  • Made of metal (not plastic);
  • Black in color;
  • Net weight: 60g

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