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Light Modifier
Photography is about use of light. A light modifier is the tool for controlling artificial light. With different modifiers, you can create various lighting styles. We carry a wide range of modifiers, from handy flash bounce boxes to studio strobe diffusers such as soft boxes, reflectors, and a honeycomb snoot. This lighting equipment is everything you need for your flash photography.

Barn door Barn door (2)

Bounce Box Bounce Box (3)

Color Gel Color Gel (2)

Diffuser Diffuser (23)

Dome Dome (3)

Honeycomb / Snoot Honeycomb / Snoot (9)

Mount Mount (15)

O-Flash Ring O-Flash Ring (0)

Reflector Reflector (15)

Soft Box Soft Box (15)

Light Tent Light Tent (1)

Umbrella Umbrella (5)

Value Combo Value Combo (7)

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