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Lensse Camera Stabilizer DSLRPro for DSLR cameras
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Lensse Camera Stabilizer DSLRPro for DSLR cameras

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DSLRPro is specially designed for making video clips with DSLR (full frame or APS-C) in motion.

With full HD video-taking feature easily found in the DSLRs nowadays, DSLRs are popular replacement of camcorders. But the hand grips on DSLRs are designed for still pictures instead of video taking. That totally wastes the capability of capturing high quality video clips. DSLRPro is made to complement such weakness.

Thanks to the durable yet light weight CNC aluminum, DSLRPro is a well built stabilizer that weights only 1060g (including weights). While providing utmost stability to cameras, it is easy to carry and set up.

The outlook of DSLRPRo is characterized by the brass gimbals handle for precise control in taking horizontally and vertically moving shots. Six balance weights that come with the package further stabilize your cameras. With the installed bubble level, you can easily maintain perfect alignment to left and right.

Come join the movie-making fun with DSLRPro today.


  • Lensse Camera Stabilizer DSLRPro;
  • Brand: Lensse;
  • Model: DSLRPro;
  • Package includes:
    • Stabilizer (x1);
    • Balance weight: @90g (x5), @45g (x1);
    • Parts: wrench (x1);
    • User manual in English (x1);
  • Max. loading weight up to 2.5kg;
  • CNC Aluminum body;
  • Hard anodized coating;
  • Comfort pro handle with 1/4” camera screw mount on the bottom;
  • DC 16 Brass Gimbal handle assembly for precise control;
  • Trim stage with standard 1/4” camera screw mount;
  • Adjustable trim stage moves forward/backward to achieve balance;
  • Adjustable gimbal to shift left/right;
  • Built-in Bubble Leveler for easy alignment;
  • Colour: Black;
  • Weight: 1060g (balance weights included);
  • Brand new, never used.

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