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Falcon Eyes Lighting Kit FGA-K7 for Portable Flash
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Falcon Eyes Lighting Kit FGA-K7 for Portable Flash

Flex-Mount adapter
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Are you looking for light modifiers on your portable flash? This may well be your perfect kit! It has 6 types of light modifier that would cater your various studio needs. They are the honeycomb, barn door, conical snoot, mini-reflector, globe diffuser and a soft box with 6 color diffusers.

Honeycomb and Soft Box

For producing precise and direct light with your flash, you can’t miss the honeycomb. It has a 10cm diameter at 25° which generate extraordinary effects to your images. On the other hand, the soft box included with the kit measures 20cm x 30cm and will give you a softer overall lighting on your subjects. This soft box is highly portable as it can be folded flat for easy transport. To setup the box, simply expand the four corners using the four sturdy plastic rods. There are even metal tips at the end of each rod to strengthen the box. The Soft Box has a white-coloured cloth lining for a consistent light bouncing surface. Aside from the included milky white diffuser cloth, there are 6 other colours to choose from: yellow, orange, red, green, dark blue and light blue.

Barn Door, Mini-Reflector, and Conical Snoot

If you are into versatility, you would use the Barn Door to control the spill of light from your portable flash unit. This would be useful in situation such as modifying the lighting on your studio backdrop. You can create a soft and uniform light by using the Mini Reflector, which is also commonly referred to a beauty dish. This modifier has a diameter of 17cm and is often used in combination with a reflector or additional light source to produce fill lighting. You may find these products in our web shop under the Reflector section. Alternatively, you may use the Conical Snoot for creating mood lighting on the backdrop or giving a defining edge to your subjects. There are 2 grid sizes to choose from, 3mm or 5mm hexagons and can be attached to 55mm-rim of the snoot. All of these three modifiers are made of high quality metal.

Globe Diffuser

For purists who like to create a bare bulb lighting effect with their subjects, they would love the Globe Diffuser. Some also refer this type of diffuser as a dome diffuser. With a 15cm diameter, the globe diffuser produces light similar to a conventional light bulb where light travels in all directions. It would be a good choice for outdoor shoots such as wedding where the light is extended well above the subjects for a natural lighting effect. Whilst using this modifier in an indoor environment, the light can be bounced off from surrounding walls and ceiling to create fill lighting.

Flex-Mount Adapters

All of these light modifiers can be easily attached to your flash unit by using a Flex-Mount adapter. Weighting between 80g to 125g, the adapter is made of hard plastic where the modifiers are attached. On the other side has a soft rubber so you may attach it to your portable flash without damaging the flash head yet having a sufficient clamping force for a secured mount. Each of the modifiers can attach perfectly on your portable flash mounted directly on your camera. There are 6 different adapters to fit major flash brands and models. You may choose the correct adapter by referring to the compatibility list below and select your adapter via the drop down menu above.

For greater flexibility in controlling light we would recommend using the Lighting Kit wirelessly via a flash trigger system such as the Cactus V5.

Get this lighting kit today and explore endless possibilities in your flash photography.


  • Lighting Kit for portable flash;
  • Brand: Falcon Eyes;
  • Model no.: FGA-K7;
  • Flex-Mount for attaching modifiers is included, please select the specific model for your flash from the drop-down menu above:
    • CA-1: Nikon SB-600, SB-800; Nissin Di-466;Olympus FL36, FL36R; Panasonic DMW-FL360; Yongnuo YN460II, YN462;
    • CA-2: Cactus AF50, AF45; Canon 430EX, 430EXII; Metz 36 AF-4, 36 AF-5, 40 AF-4, 44 AF-4, 48 AF-1, 58 AF-1, 58 AF-2; Nikon SB-700; Sony F42AM, F56AM; Sunpak 4000AF, 888F2 THRYSTER; Vivitar DF400MZ, DF283, DF383;
    • CA-3A: Nikon SB-27, SB-28;
    • CA-5A: Cactus KF36; Vivitar 285 HV;
    • CA-6A: Nikon SB-900; Nissin Di-866 II, Di-866, Di622 II, Di-622; Pentax AF-540FGZ; Sigma EF530 DG ST, 530 DG Super;
    • CA-7A: Canon 580EX II, 580 EX, 550EX; Bower SSFD35; Metz 44 AF-1, 50 AF-1; Nikon SB-24, SB-25, SB-26; Olympus G40, FL40, FL50, FL50R; Panasonic DMQ-FL500; Sigma EF430, EF500 DG ST; Sony HVL-F32X, HVL-F58AM; Sunpak 440D; Vivitar DF340Z; Yongnuo YN560;
    • CA-9A: Lumopro LP160; ProMaster 7500DX;
  • Package includes:
    • Honeycomb (FGA-HC1010-2) x 1 (10cm diameter);
    • Soft Box (FGA-2030W) x 1 (20cm x 30cm);
    • Colour masks (for Soft Box) x 6, yellow, orange, red, green, dark blue and light blue;
    • Barn Door (FGA-BD) x 1 (Doors: 7cm x 11cm, and 7cm x 7cm);
    • Conical Snoot (FGA0CS) x 1 (Opening Diameter: 5.5cm, Length: 14.5cm);
    • Mini-Reflector (FGA-SR178) x 1 (Diameter: 17cm);
    • Globe Diffuser (FGA-DB150) x 1 (Diameter: 15cm);
    • Flex-Mount (FGA-CA) x 1 at your choice;
  • Weight of 6 light modifiers: 560 g;
  • Weight of Flex-Mount adapter: various, between 80g - 125g;
  • Brand new, never used.

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