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Artificial lighting

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20111021 Artificial lighting_Cactus v5 - 1 20111021 Artificial lighting_Cactus v5 - 2

Last time I talked about compositions and the rules related to compositions. In this blog, I would like to discuss some information about artificial lighting. Lighting can help highlight your subject, or it can be the subject itself. With these photos, I wanted to show that you can use flashes and filters to create a scene.

For Photo 1, I used two flashes, one mounted with a blue filter and the other with a red one, to light up the backstairs. You can refer to the reference photo first to get the idea of how it looked without my lighting setup. What I did was put the blue flash behind the door and the red flash down the stairs. Lit up, this area could be the perfect background for some freaky shots with models. To me, it was also fine without any human subjects. Likewise, it could be lit in another way and end up like one of those location setups in B-horror movies (shown in Photo 3). To achieve this, I simply moved the red flash to a place down the white wall, and then the whole scene looked like some haunted stairway.

You can make use of a blue flash to create a scene like Photo 2. To get this photo, I simply held the flash with my left hand over the stair rails of the balcony, making it look like the moon shining on the balcony itself. But the photo would look better if more apartments in the background were lit up by the residents.

20111021 Artificial lighting_Cactus v5 - 3

20111021 Artificial lighting (Reference photo)

Equipment Setup

Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Reference photo
Camera Canon EOS 5D 1 1 1 1
Lens EF 24-105mm f4L IS USM 1 1 1 1
Flash Cactus KF 36 Manual Flash 2 1 2
Flash Trigger Cactus V5 Wireless Flash Transceiver Duo 1.5 1 1.5
Flash Filter Flash Filter Blue, red Blue Blue, red