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105cm Circular Foldable Multicolor Reflector (6 color)
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105cm Circular Foldable Multicolor Reflector (6 color)

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This circular reflector is perfect for softening the harsh light coming from your strobe or flash. It can be used to reflect day light too.

With a handle design - it can be held with two hands or tied to a light stand. The diameter of Ø105cm allows it to light large subjects.

The "zip on cover" design lets you easily turn the reflector into any of the 6 colors shown in the above pictures.

The whole reflector is foldable into a circular shape of only Ø40cm and stored into the provided zipper bag. The total weight is only 443g. This is ideal for those who need to carry their lighting setup from one location to another. Purchase one today!


  • 105cm Circular Foldable Multicolor Reflector (6 color);
  • Circular shape;
  • Folded size: Ø40cm (diameter);
  • Extended size: Ø105cm (diameter);
  • Zip on design, able to produce 6 different color reflector surface;
  • Colors include: Green, Blue, Silver, Gold, White and Gold/Silver Stripe;
  • Net Weight (including carry bag): 943g;
  • A nylon zipper bag is included;
  • Conditions: Brand new, never used.

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